Coleus Plant Care: Tips for Growing Vibrant Foliage Indoors

How to Overwinter Coleus Plants: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s post, we’ll delve into the process of overwintering coleus plants by taking cuttings, propagating them in water, and potting them indoors, inspired by Janie from the “Dig Plant Water Repeat” channel. Let’s ensure your beloved coleus thrive through the colder months, just like you would care for a cherished pet during winter!

Why Overwinter Coleus Plants?

Coleus plants are adored for their vibrant foliage but cannot survive cold temperatures, especially in Zone 9b. Overwintering can help maintain their beauty year-round.

1. Take Cuttings of Your Coleus

Materials Needed:

  • Sharp scissors or pruners
  • Clean jar with water
  • Coleus plants

Janie emphasizes taking healthy cuttings from your coleus plants about a month before the first frost. Snip off stems about 4-6 inches long, ensuring each cutting includes a few leaves.

2. Propagate the Cuttings in Water

Place the cuttings in a jar filled with water. Make sure the water covers the stem but not the leaves. Janie roots her cuttings in a cozy indoor environment, like her living room, ensuring they get ample indirect light.


  1. Change the water regularly to prevent bacterial growth.
  2. Wait for roots to develop, typically around two weeks.

3. Prepare for Potting

Janie uses decorative pots from Green Acres and a packaging flat box from Costco to keep her potting area tidy. Ensure you have:

  • Pots with drainage holes
  • Indoor potting mix
  • A tool to create holes in the soil

4. Potting the Rooted Cuttings

Once roots have developed, it’s time to transfer the cuttings into soil. Here’s how:

  1. Make holes in the potting mix using your tool.
  2. Position the cuttings carefully in the holes, ensuring the roots are well-covered.
  3. Firm the soil gently around the plants.

5. Care for Your Indoor Plants

Janie shares some personal anecdotes while potting her plants, highlighting multifaceted indoor activities. After planting, place your coleus and sweet potato vine in a well-lit area and water them as needed.

Quick Tips:

  • Discard any cuttings that have rotted.
  • Ensure good airflow around your plants to prevent mold.

Final Reveal

Place your newly potted coleus on a shelf or any indoor space you see fit. With Janie’s practical tips and your attentive care, your coleus plants will thrive indoors until the warmer weather returns.


By following these steps, inspired by Janie and her channel “Dig Plant Water Repeat,” you can successfully overwinter your coleus plants, ensuring they remain healthy and vibrant. Protect your precious plants from harsh winters like you would a beloved pet, and enjoy their beauty year-round.

Pro Tip: Regularly check for pests and water your plants consistently but avoid overwatering. Happy gardening!

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