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A Thrilling Treasure Hunt: Scoring Big in Lowe’s Plant Clearance Section

I recently embarked on a quest to find the perfect rodent repellent for my garden at Lowe’s, but I got delightfully sidetracked. Imagine my surprise and excitement as I wandered into the clearance section for plants — it was like a treasure hunt, and oh, the treasures I found!

Unexpected Adventures at Lowe’s

Initially, my mission was simple: find Repelsal, the ultimate weapon against those pesky squirrels munching on my flower bulbs. But as I meandered through the aisles, the clearance section’s siren call proved irresistible. There, amidst a myriad of discounted greenery, was a promise of undiscovered potential thriving at a fraction of the price.

The Joy of Garden Bargains

As I sifted through the perennials and other plants, I couldn’t contain my exhilaration. Here were fantastic deals on an array of plants, each more appealing than the last. I felt like a modern-day explorer unearthing botanical treasures.

🌿 Perennials and More!

One of my first finds was a marvelous Bacopa, a charming white flowering plant perfect for filling in the gaps in my garden. Then, there were the Monrovia plants, known for their quality and beauty, at prices that made my gardener’s heart sing.

But the thrill didn’t end there—purple fountain grass caught my eye. Its striking appearance was just what I needed to add some pizzazz to my garden beds.

Considering New Additions

Among the leafy treasures were camellias and other shrubs that beckoned me to add them to my garden. Their vibrant blooms and lush foliage seemed tailor-made for creating a serene, colorful retreat.

A Vision for a Colorful Window Box

With my cart brimming with discounted plants, I started envisioning a new project: a window box bursting with color from my clearance finds. The succulents and hydrangeas in the section spoke to my creative side, offering endless possibilities for arrangement and design.


Venturing into the Lowe’s plant clearance section felt like a treasure hunt, and the deals I discovered were the ultimate score. Whether it’s for adding character to your garden or creating a stunning window box, exploring the clearance aisle can yield unexpected rewards. Next time you’re at Lowe’s, take a moment to browse—it could turn into the highlight of your gardening journey!

Join me, fellow gardeners, in celebrating these small but mighty finds. Who knows what bargains and botanical gems await you in your next visit to the clearance section?

Happy gardening! 🌸

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Jane is a passionate gardener and a home improvement enthusiast. She loves spending time outdoors, creating beautiful flower gardens, and experimenting with new plants. Jane holds a degree in horticulture from the University of California and has been working in the field for over ten years. She has an eye for detail and is always looking for ways to make her gardens look their best.

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