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The Lazy Gardener’s Guide to Massive Potato Yields

Ever dreamt of harvesting a hefty bounty of potatoes without breaking a sweat? James, a seasoned gardener, demonstrates a remarkably lazy method that results in lush, bountiful harvests. This how-to guide will walk you through the effortless steps of growing potatoes with minimal effort.

Introduction to Lazy Potato Growing

Often, gardening can seem like a labor-intensive hobby, requiring hours of digging and tending. However, James’ lazy growing method defies this stereotype, proving that you can yield large, healthy potatoes without extensive effort.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Preparing the Ground

Forget the traditional approach of digging trenches or holes. Simply lay your seed potatoes directly on the ground where you intend to grow them.

2. Cover the Potatoes

Cover the seed potatoes with a layer of fertile soil. Ensure the potatoes are adequately shielded to protect them from sunlight and to prevent them from turning green, which can be toxic.

3. Add Fertilizer

Sprinkle a balanced fertilizer over the covered potatoes to provide the necessary nutrients for robust growth.

4. Watering

Regularly water the plants, but avoid over-watering. Moisture is critical in the early stages to help the potatoes sprout and develop a healthy root system.

5. Heap Soil Around the Plants

As the potato plants start to grow, heap more soil around their bases. This encourages additional root growth, leading to bigger and more abundant potatoes.

6. Use Mulch to Protect Potatoes

Adding a layer of mulch around the growing potatoes can help maintain moisture, deter weeds, and protect the developing tubers from sunlight and pests.

Avoid Toxic Green Potatoes

James emphasizes the importance of covering the potatoes thoroughly with soil or mulch. Potatoes exposed to sunlight can turn green and become toxic. Ensuring no potato skin is visible will prevent this issue.

The Bountiful Harvest

By using James’ lazy growing method, you can expect an abundant harvest with large, healthy potatoes. This method is not only easy but also proves highly efficient in maximizing yield with minimal labor.


James extends his gratitude to Brenda Griffiths, a valued member of Team Grow, and Tuck, his trusty garden companion. He also credits Bill Mollison, who inspired his gardening philosophy, emphasizing the productivity of systems effortlessly set into motion.


Embrace the simplicity of James’ lazy potato growing method and enjoy the rewards of a rich harvest with minimal effort. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this technique offers a stress-free, satisfying gardening experience.

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